Daffodils – When to Divide?

In Winter on April 26, 2011 at 7:00 am | Written by Gina Iliopoulos


The daffodils are finally in bloom here in Illinois!   They are one of the most reliable (and critter-resistant) spring blooming bulbs.  They require minimal care and multiply so that a single bulb will eventually turn into a big clump.  But after a while,  daffodil bulbs can get overcrowded, resulting in fewer and smaller blooms.   Sometimes, they pop up in the most unexpected places….the solution is to divide and transplant.

All daffodils (narcuissus bubs) should be dormant before you move them – that means all the foliage has turned yellow and dry.  Identify a new site where they will be able to naturalize undisturbed.  Daffodils prefer partial sun and well-drained soil.  Dig up the bulbs to be moved and gently separate the bulbs and roots.  Dig a hole three times as deep as the bulb is wide, add some compost to the hole and plant the bulbs with foliage end pointing up.  Cover the bulbs with soil and water well.  It may be a good idea to mark the spot with a plant marker so the bulbs are not disturbed during the summer.  In the fall, remember to go back to the site and water with a liquid fertilizer as this is when the bulbs set their roots.

With proper siting and minimal care, you will enjoy this springtime flower year after year!

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