From Winter Beauty to Winter Brawn…

In Winter on February 4, 2011 at 7:00 am | Written by Gina Iliopoulos

As we waxed poetic about winter’s beauty in our last post, an epic blizzard and record-setting snowfall hit our Midwest landscape.  Oh, how the tables can turn…  For us, landscape maintenance is a year-round job even though it’s not always trees, plants, turf and flowers.   The maintenance for us came in the form of tons and tons of snow clearing and removal.  Mariani Landscape’s Snow Command worked for 36 hours straight during this blizzard and continues to exceed the needs of our clients.  The mountains of snow are massive and impressive, the clear driveways and walkways are a testament to our dedication.  Usually, we don’t toot our own horn, but this was an effort and a snowfall worth celebrating!

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